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Several issues that can cause penis sensation loss. These are:-

  • Injury:- Injury on your genital area or around your penis can cause a sensation loss, due to damage that occurs to nerves because of injury a penis can lose its sensation ability. Usually, this sensation loss is temporary until the injury heals but if it does not improve, consult a doctor.
  • Sex and masturbation:- While having sex or masturbating, the penis is erect and thus that rigidity of the penis can cause breaks in nerve tissues which cause pain, irritation and a loss of sensation. Although this numbness reduces in some time but beware as damage from excessive masturbating can cause cuts, breaks in vessels and can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Low testosterone:- As a person ages from puberty to young and old age, the amount of testosterone production starts declining. Testosterone is the main hormone that improves muscular health and control sex drive. With lower testosterone levels, there is a decline in the sensation power of the penis and thus lower testosterone causes penis sensation loss.

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